My first year in UK

parašė , 2015-06-25 11:43

As thousands of other not local inhabitants me and my family decided to find a job in England. We thought it is not hard to find temporary work London is big and proposals should be here just around the corner. So first what we did we bought some newspapers hoping to find something really valuable for as. But as soon as we started to disappoint of the press we decided to look after London ad agencies. However, let me tell you the story and how it has started.

Emigrants like others

Temporary work london‘Break a leg’ our folks whished to us when we finally said ‘Goodbye’ at the airport. We suddenly became homeless nomads, but that didn’t mean anything bad. At the same moment we grew – up twice and became the heroes of our adventure. It was good to know that finally we will start something new. In our native country the labor market couldn’t to suggest us hopeful perspectives. Many people in our country start their trip to Western or North Europe countries willing to find there a better life. Sometimes it is not important if it is temporary work London only, or if there are a chance to get a contract for long – term job. People are dreaming about free vacancies in England and the London ad agencies sounds like the gates of Heaven. We were just exactly like those people described above. We really wanted to catch our dream and have a good life finally.

Job is not a rain

And the first lesson which is learned fast once you get to the London is that the job is nor a free prize here as well. If you want to have a solid shelter, a good job and a big salary, you have to fight. If you want to have an easy part time job for a summer it is also not easy. Doesn’t matter if you go to the London ad agencies or if you visit every café shop by your foots you still have to fight for your place. Sometimes you have to put painstaking efforts to create a better life but once you make it you are happy for a rest of your life.

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